Arts in Public Places

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The City of Greenville’s longstanding support for public art is a testament to our belief that the arts enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors, and strengthen our community – socially, economically, and culturally.  The City’s permanent collection includes more than 120 works of public art (including sculptures, statues, murals, architectural elements/structures, historic pieces, etc.). Ongoing efforts to enhance the built environment through public art and creative placemaking contribute to the area’s unique aesthetic identity, and create platforms for community engagement and dialogue.

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Public Art Collection

Explore and discover the unique collection of public art within the city of Greenville, including sculptures, statues and murals. With a map of the city, photographs of the city's artwork and detailed descriptions, our public art collection database makes it easy for you to find your favorite art pieces in Greenville.


For questions regarding the City of Greenville's Arts in Public Places program, please contact us here.