Green Ribbon Advisory Committee

The Green Ribbon Advisory Committee advises City Council and City staff on the development of programs and initiatives, including the development of a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, which will reduce the City's environmental impact and distinguish Greenville as a leader in sustainability efforts.
Preference will be given to applicants who reside or are employed within the city limits and have a demonstrated interest in sustainable practices.
The Green Ribbon Advisory Committee appoints ad-hoc subcommittees at their discretion. Current subcommittees include: Energy and Buildings, Mobility, Natural Systems and Recycling and Waste Management.

Current Members

Name Term
Austin, Kristen 10/01/2018 – 09/30/2020
Barr, Aaron 10/01/2017 – 09/30/2019
Hibbard, Tim 10/01/2018 – 09/30/2020
McCauley, Stephanie  10/01/2017 – 09/30/2019
Patel, Sima 10/01/2018 – 09/30/2020
Price Hajosy, Jodi 10/01/2017 – 09/30/2019
Roberts, Dan 10/01/2018 – 09/30/2020