Bicycle Registration Program

The Greenville Police Department has a new crime prevention tool to combat bicycle theft.

Without a serial number, identifying and recovering a stolen bicycle is almost impossible. The bike registration program is designed to deter thieves and aid law enforcement in returning recovered property. A registered bike is difficult to sell (making it less likely to be stolen), and if it is stolen, law enforcement officials are better able to prove that it was stolen when it is found in someone else's possession. It also makes it possible to return the recovered bike to its rightful owner.

The Greenville Police Department holds bike registration events regularly for all city of Greenville residents and anyone who purchased a bike within the city limits. Participation in the bicycle registration program is free and voluntary. As part of the program, the owner's name and contact information will be recorded, along with the bicycle make, model and serial number, and a digital photo of the bike. A tamper-resistant sticker will be affixed to the bike and the registration number will also be engraved on a metal component of the bike. The information collected through the registration program will be maintained in a searchable online database that all Greenville Police Department officers will be able to access and edit when a bicycle is reported stolen or one is recovered.

Residents who are unsure whether they are eligible to participate in the program can use the online city address locator to verify their address.