Economic Development Strategic Plan

The City of Greenville hired the consulting firm Resonance to create its Economic Development Strategic Plan, identifying key opportunities for partnerships and recommending strategies to foster balanced growth.

Resonance is a leading advisor in economic development, real estate and tourism. They help cities understand market trends, assess their strengths and weaknesses, engage the community, develop long term plans and create branding, storytelling and marketing campaigns.

The Resonance team has worked with more than 50 cities and communities to create economic and destination development strategies, including Tulsa, Scottsdale, Portland and Houston. Plans have focused on innovation, technology, collaboration and startups, complementing our recently launched StartupGVL initiative.

Plan Completed

City Council adopted the strategic plan in 2022.
Download the final Economic Development Strategic Plan   


The Greenville’s Economic Development Strategic Plan reflects GVL2040’s core values and vision, was informed by residents, businesses and elected officials and lays a foundation for collaboration.

Focus areas include:

  • Economic clustering to include the creation of Innovation Districts
  • Support for small business/entrepreneurship
  • Rise of talent economy
  • Destination development
  • Retention, expansion and redevelopment
  • STEM
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