Facade Improvement Program

Rocky’s Hot Chicken transformed an unoccupied building on Laurens Road.

Rocky's Hot Chicken Before and After

Half-Moon Outfitters used the Facade Improvement Program to assist with its relocation to Stone Avenue.

Exterior of Halfmoon Outfitters, showing pre-remodel image at top

The Westone owners were able to transform their property into a neighborhood hub with local restaurants and retail. 

Exterior of Westone plaza, showing pre-remodel photo at top

The Anchorage Restaurant performed a pivotal improvement in the Village of West Greenville.

Anchorage Facade Before and After

Mill Village Market is an example of another renovation in the Village of West Greenville.

Lois Avenue Before and After

The City of Greenville’s Facade Improvement Program (FIP) provides financial assistance to commercial property owners and business owners in targeted commercial corridors for qualified exterior building and site improvements.

The purpose of the FIP is to support the revitalization of the city’s commercial corridors by stimulating private investment in high-quality improvements that enhance the appearance of buildings and properties and eliminate blight and non-conforming design standards.

Applicants are eligible for a 50% reimbursement on expenses equal to or less than $10,000, and a 20% reimbursement on additional expenses greater than the initial $10,000 spent. The maximum reimbursement is $10,000 per property. For additional expenses above $10,000, the City will reimburse the applicant up to 20% of eligible expenses. The maximum award amount is $10,000.

Applications are reviewed by a committee made up of three City staff members and two members of the Greenville chapter of the American Institute of Architects. All applications must be approved prior to commencement of any work.


Facade Improvement Program Guidelines (PDF)
Facade Improvement Program Guidelines - Wade Hampton Boulevard (PDF)
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Property Owner Consent Form (Web)
City of Greenville Vendor Application (PDF)
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